First Draft with Sarah Enni

Join me and Samantha Mabry, debut author of A FIERCE AND SUBTLE POISON*, in Dallas discussing JFK assassination conspiracy theories, grandmothers warnings about witches, and being close but not too close to dangerous things.

*Note: In the show, Sam refers to A FIERCE AND SUBTLE poison by its earlier title, LEAVES.

Samantha Mabry Show Notes

LIBRA by Don Delillo

Annie Dillard

Jo Ann Beard

Susan Orlean

HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabelle Alende

Louise Erdrich

Salman Rushdie

Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Most Haunted (TV show)

Nathaniel Hawthorne, RAPPACCINI'S DAUGHTER

Esmerelda Santiago CONQUISTADORA

William Carlos Williams, The Fountain of Eternal Youth (essay)

Donald Judd (NY based artist who built Marfa)

Cormanc McCarthy

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