First Draft with Sarah Enni

I meet up with Stephanie Kuehn at a lovely holiday retreat in Vermont, where she set her Morris-award-winning debut, CHARM AND STRANGE. Steph is deeply thoughtful and incredibly silly in equal measure, which makes her simply delightful. As we sat on a back porch with kids playing in a nearby hammock, we talked about Steph’s boarding school days, romanticizing Vermont, movie making, how starting to run gave her the confidence to start writing, and the experience of winning the Morris Award. I also refer to Mark Zuckerberg as a “millionaire.” Sorry for the downgrade, Zucks.

Stephanie Kuehn Show Notes

Debra Driza

Corrine Jackson

Veronica Roth


COMMITTING JOURNALISM by Dannie Martin and Peter Y. Sussman

Dannie Martin

The Wicker Man (film)

The Conformist (film)

Vertigo (film)

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