First Draft with Sarah Enni

Will Kostakis, who makes his U.S. debut with The Sidekicks and has two books, The First Third and Loathing Lola, published in his native Australia, talks about approaching every book like it could be his last, spite writing, being the writer he is today because of a personal tragedy, and the difference between the Australian and U.S. YA markets.

Will Kostakis Show Notes


Will’s blog post about coming out

Will’s blog post about being disinvited from a school because he came out

"After He Came Out, A Catholic School Told This Author His New Book Was 'Inappropriate,'" the Buzzfeed article about Will coming out

Amie Kaufman (listen to her First Draft interview here) and Jay Kristoff, authors of The Illuminae Files series

Garth Nix

Melina Marchetta

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