First Draft with Sarah Enni

Pour a strong drink and leave your denim culottes at home for this conversation with Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, who together make up blogging and writing duo the Fug Girls (of Go Fug Yourself)! We talk about how terrible the new X Files is going to be, hear behind the scenes stories about America’s Next Top Model, talk writing as a team, and ask the universe for an oral history of how Summer '07 was the best time Hollywood gossip ever.


Fug Girls Show Notes

Pamela Ribon

Television Without Pity (previously Mighty Big TV)

Tough Enough (MTV show)

Judging Amy

Wolf Lake (TV show)

Linda Holmes, NPR's pop culture reporter

Richard Glatzer (director, Still Alice)

Morgan Spurlock

Sleepover (movie)

Brooks Barnes (formerly WSJ, New York Times)

The Royals (TV show)

Fug Girls articles on The Toast

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Get red lipstick and fill up a goblet to enjoy this chat, wherein Leigh Bardugo, New York Times best-selling author of The Grisha series and the newest book in that world, SIX OF CROWS, talks about being a childhood outsider, making rules for magic, and profesh makeup tips.

Leigh Bardugo Show Notes

Inside Out (film)

DUNE by Frank Herbert

Jacqueline Kerry, author of KUSHIEL'S DART

Ava Dellaira

Aziz Ansari and Eric Klineberg, MODERN ROMANCE

NK Jemisin

Writing with Color


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For the first First Draft Live event on October 30, Marie Lu (NYT best-selling author of the LEGEND trilogy, THE YOUNG ELITES and its sequel, THE ROSE SOCIETY), Margaret Stohl (NYT best-selling co-author of the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES series, author of ICONS, IDOLS, and of Marvel's Black Widow's YA adaptation, FOREVER RED), Anna Carey (author of the EVE trilogy, and YA thriller BLACKBIRD and its sequel DEADFALL), and Kali Wallace (debut author of SHALLOW GRAVES, due out in January 2016!) got together at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena to talk about scary stories and why we love them.

Also! Listen to full First Draft interviews with Marie Lu; Margaret Stohl; and Anna Carey.

I want to thank three local authors and members of the First Draft Live team for making this possible: Elissa Sussman (author of STRAY and its forthcoming sequel, BURN); Maurene Goo (author of SINCE YOU ASKED and a forthcoming K-Drama rom-com due in 2017); and Kirsten Hubbard (author of middle grade series WATCH THE SKY and its forthcoming sequel RACE THE NIGHT, and YA books WANDERLOVE and LIKE MANDARIN).

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