First Draft with Sarah Enni

Hear Zan Romanoff, whose brilliant debut novel A SONG TO TAKE THE WORLD APART is out now, talk about using her Yale diploma to ward off Hanson haters, generational trauma, the terrifying power of puberty, and her follow-up novel, GRACE AND THE FEVER (May 2017)!


Zan Romanoff show notes

Kate Hart (listen to her First Draft episode here)

The Iowa Review

The Babysitter’s Club by Anne M. Martin

Anne McCaffrey

Frank McCourt


Hanson, “Mmmbop

Dawson’s Creek (TV series)

Brenna Yovanoff, PLACES NO ONE KNOWS

Don Delillo

"California Girls," Zan’s piece in the Paris Review about Joan Didion

Girl Crush Zine, by Jenna Wortham & Thessaly La Force

Writing Workshop LA

Edan Lepucki 

"There is No Such Thing as the Young Adult Novel," Zan’s article on The Millions about what is YA

Logan Garrison Savits, Zan’s agent

GIRLS ON FIRE by Robin Wasserman

One Direction

Zan’s essay about Taylor Swift conspiracy theories in Broadly

Larry Stylinson

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