First Draft with Sarah Enni

The wondrous Amy Plum (author of the DIE FOR ME series, the AFTER THE END series, and DREAMFALL, due out in 2017) and Lenore Appelhans (author of the MEMORY CHRONICLES series) share stories of starting their literary careers writing letters, the false reality of social media, and psychopaths (real ones).


Amy Plum & Lenore Appelhans Show Notes

Vermont College of Fine Arts


J.R.R. Tolkien

Madelein L’Engle, A WRINKLE IN TIME

Robert A. Heinlein (SF writer)

Isaac Asimov

C.S. Lewis

Ursula LeGuin

Emma Trevayne, CODA


Flatliners (movie)

Wes Craven’s THEY (movie)

The Far Side by Gary Larson


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Pour a glass of wine to keep up with me and Kendare Blake, author of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD, the Goddess War series, SLEEPWALK SOCIETY, and the forthcoming THREE DARK CROWNS (due out in 2016), as we talk about her training as a stock trader, screeds about Superman, and living with anxiety.

Kendare Blake Show Notes

Stephen King, On Writing

Anne Rice, Prince Lestat

Fear Street, Freeze Tag

Silent Hill (video game)

Supernatural (TV show)



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